The Evolution of the Homemaker

It starts with an idea.

Then the nagging sets in.

The idea won’t leave you alone.

It’s like a parasite. . . sucking your thoughts.

Over the last 2 years I’ve had an idea. But this idea was too big of an idea to deal with at the time. So, I let it sit. It’s been simmering and it’s still cooking.

I’m still trying to flesh out the concept, so bare with me while I figure it out and share the idea.

But I can share that I’m going to write an eBook to launch the concept. I’ve got an outline for the concept and am in research phase.

Right now, I’m interested in the Evolution of the Homemaker. It’s absolutely fascinating the feedback I’ve had from twitter on the topic. I asked, “What do you think of the term ‘homemaker’?”

Here are some of the comments I recieved:

I’m doing a lot of reading on topic. Did you know google has a ton of free digital books already? I didn’t. I found some interesting reading.

Did you know the term first appeared in the 1800s? Pretty cool.

I’ve also found a site that has free essays. It’s meant for college students but it has some interesting essays on “homemakers”. It’s called Cyber Essays .

Your feedback is invaluable, if you have any feedback on the topic please share!



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