{Parenthood} Raising a son to be a father

Do you let your son play with dolls?

Last month, we got our daughter a baby doll and our son wanted one, too. At first I thought it was just because he wanted what his sister has. He’s three years older than her and didn’t really think much of it. He’s an active child with lots of energy. Very much a tough boy that loves to play rugby at night with his dad.

After two days he was still playing with his baby doll and had named him “Spritison” or “Sprite” for short, after his favorite soft drink.

But here’s the thing that I found really touching. In part, he has the natural parenting instinct but the majority he has watched from his own father caring for his baby sister.

He made Sprite a bed and would sleep with him at night.

One night, he was so tired and was feeding Sprite a bottle and fell asleep while feeding him (sound familiar?) It was so touching to see him care for his baby doll. To see his desire to be a father.

I’ve heard some moms say that they wouldn’t never let their son play with dolls because they are afraid he’ll end up gay. Seriously?

We need more boys playing with dolls practicing to be dads. There needs to be more support and encouragement of sons growing up to be dads.

Ever wonder how to raise sons? Love their father. (If this sentiment sounds similar, it’s because my mother in-law used it in a talk on how to raise daughters, Love Her Mother.) Our sons see how we treat our husbands and in turn how they treat us.

There are great resources for raising boys like PBS “Raising Boys” that talk about the search for masculinity. As for me, I’m going to let my son play with dolls. He will be a great father.

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2 thoughts on “{Parenthood} Raising a son to be a father

  1. Interesting article and opinion. I guess I think of my son playing with GI Joe or Star Wars toys, but that’s more soldier training than dad training… Hmmm. Definitely worth the thought though. If nothing else, he’ll be a more caring older brother, and most of us older brothers could have done a better job with that.

  2. This is perfectly reminiscent of one of our favorite books, “William’s Doll” by Zolotow. It would be a fun read! You are welcome to check it out from our library.

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