Knife puns

My brother Mark is going to NYC to design school at Parsons.

To pay for school, he’s selling Cutco knives. He get’s paid by simply doing the presenation. When he went to show my grandpa his presentation grandpa had a total Crockodile Dundee moment and said, “Those aren’t knifes.” Then he went and got his serious hunting knifes, “These are knives.” Priceless.

Of course, we’ve been working on our knife puns.

Here are a few for your reading pleasure.

  • Get a handle on things
  • Sharp
  • On point
  • Cutting edge
  • Cut the cheese
  • A cut above
  • Break me off , slice me off
  • Handle
  • Make sure you get cut out
  • Butcher
  • Don’t butcher the presentation
  • Let me take a stab at
  • Don’t turn my back

If you’d like to help my brother reach is dream of going to Parsons, you can schedule a knife demo for your punning pleasure.

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