{Fitness} Operation take back my body

It’s a sad day when you realize you need spanx.

I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately.

Hoping to hide my belly roll.

But I have no one fooled.

This time around, my body hasn’t been as forgiving. I still have a good 5-10 pounds to lose. Baby girl will be a year, last time I was already down to my pre-pregnancy weight. But this time around I was on bedrest for 2 months prior.

My muscles atrophied. I had to build all my muscle back.

I feel like I’m getting to a good place with my muscles. Thankfully, I’ve got good friends that keep me motivated, going to the gym and going for walks.

So, today as I put on spanx for the first time, to re-squish my belly roll, I’m taking a step to take back my body. I’m recommiting to my goal and creating a weekly and daily plan to reach it. There is no diet involved here, just the simple equation of fewer calories in= more calories out. Diets are a short term solution to a long term problem.

I’m ready for solving the long term problem.

Stay tuned.


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One thought on “{Fitness} Operation take back my body

  1. My “baby” is now 6 and I still battle with the mama bulge. I did buy an exercise ball to sit on when I work and I like to think that helps me strengthen my core. It can’t hurt, right?!

    Good luck! I have a 65-pound dog that loves to walk so he gets me moving some days when I really don’t want to. :)

    p.s. thanks for the Twitter follow

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