URGENT {Give A Little Bit} A boy and little girl need your help

Our help is needed.


This morning I woke up to some sad news: our friends sister was laid off yesterday. This little family is struggling already and this lay off means hard times are ahead. (Read more below, you may need a box of tissues on hand). They live in Salt Lake City.

If you find it in your heart or budget to give a little bit today, I know it will go a long way. $1, $5 or $25 will make a difference.

In addition, if you’d like to help by sharing on your blog, through twitter and on facebook we can all help to give a little bit this year. Giving just a little means a lot.

Our love, prayers and thoughts go out to them!

(You can also contact Gregg and Megan via twitter @the_lame_sauce and @modern_bird)

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Once Upon A Christmas Nightmare or Operation: Christmas Magic

by BIG LAME GREGG on DECEMBER 22, 2011 ·

introducing Mia and Coleman

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to tearing up a bit as I write this. Generally I am sarcastic, snarky and goofy about my posts. I find humor in everything in my life most of the time. Right now? Not so much.

Imagine that it’s today. You are 34, have a 13 year old and a 3 year old. It’s 4 days before Christmas.  Things are a little low, financially. Low enough that you don’t have a tree this year. You have been getting back into work the last few weeks following a surgery to receive a hysterectomy which is part of an effort to remove the Cancer in and around your Cervix. Yesterday, you just got the pink slip. This in addition to being left out of the Christmas bonus everyone else is getting as a mixup, which is also part of your having missed work to recover from said surgery. Now you have a decision to make. Do you use the money you unexpectedly got as a last paycheck to buy the presents you were planning on getting today, or do you hold on to it in preparation for what will surely be some tight times in the coming weeks/months.

How do you explain to your 13 year old son that Christmas isn’t happening this year? What does your 13 year old say to his friends when they get back to school talking about what they got for Christmas? What about a 3 year old? You talk up Christmas in anticipation to see the look on her face, that lit up face that only a 3 year old can have when they see Christmas right before their eyes. What would you do? What can you do?

Unfortunately this entire debacle is a true story. I just found out that my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew and niece is suffering this Christmas, and it breaks my heart. Unfortunately her family isn’t in the best spot either and contributing enough to get a decent Christmas to her (and certainly in time) isn’t in the cards. My sister resides in the City of Salt; Utah. She’s got good kids and a good little family. My sister and her longtime boyfriend are doing their very best, but in an economy gone to pot, there is little else that can be done than to take it one step at a time, one day at a time.

In all this, as a parent, I can’t help but think of what this feels like. The helplessness, the stress. My Nephew and Niece are such sweet kids, and they don’t deserve to get the shaft this year. Admittedly my family doesn’t have much, but this goes beyond that, and it truly breaks my heart.

It is at this point that I’d like to launch OPERATION: CHRISTMAS MAGIC.

This is where you come in. This is my hope. My Christmas wish. I’d like to pull together some help for my sister and her family for Christmas. I’d like to invite the Christmas spirit into her home, as well as yours. I’d like to organize help. You can help a few ways:

  1. Donate something. Specifically to Paypal. I will transfer any money raised to my father in Salt Lake who will make sure she gets the cash ASAP.
  2. Deliver something. You can mail something, or drop it off at her home if you’re local. Cash, check, presents, a tree, whatever.
  3. Organize something. If you live in Utah and have an effort already, get in touch with me and we’ll make it happen.

So now you’re on board and need to work it out? Want some specifics? I can tell you the following:

13 year old boy. Loves music, iPod (or whatever), and has a fair amount of teenage angst.

3 year old girl. Loves princess anything/everything. Typical little girl. Genuinely stoked on everything.

34 year old mom and dad. Parents. If you are one, it’s not hard to use your imagination on this one.

Christmas tree. They had one of those fake trees from Target, but it died. It’s a small thing, but a tree to put presents under makes all the difference in the world when it comes to a little Christmas spirit.

If you want to add a little Christmas cheer, get on this. I can attest to the fact that giving something, and contributing to a family in need is a pretty fantastic way to bring in the holiday spirit. It is the kind of thing that doesn’t just affect the home you’re contributing to, but it affects you too. I have faith in your willingness to help my sister ring in the Christmas season with a little kindness from strangers. You would be giving hope and faith to someone who is a good person, a survivor of cancer, and a good mom trying to do the right thing. You would be giving to someone who deserves a little happiness and cheer.

If you want to Deliver, Donate or Organize something, you can get in touch with me atgregg@thelamesauce.com. If you wish to donate via Paypal, you can do that below.

By clicking the donate button, you understand that you are donating to Gregg Deal (gregg@thelamesauce.com)
funds to go directly to his sister to help with Christmas.


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