{I’m sorry} A retraction to my readers

Dear Reader,

I’m sorry. I wrote something in an earlier post that I need to take back. Unfortunately, on the interweb there is no backspace button. What’s posted is posted.

When I write a review or share a product or service I enjoy it’s because it’s something I believe in and really use.

Last month, I wrote a post about a product that I believed in and was genuinely excited about: Highlights for Children. I was especially excited about this because I had Highlights books growing up and loved reading them in doctors offices.

We got our first issue of Puzzle Buzz and then our second. They are great books. Our son loves the books, that’s not the issue.

The issue is that Highlights did not fully disclose their payment method. Highlights advertises that for $13 you too can enjoy these wonderful books. I assumed that pricing was for the year. Not bad, I thought for  years worth of books. Something that my son was looking forward to. However, the find print is that it’s $13 per month. I found this out after receiving an additional invoice after already paying my $13. I find this kind of advertising as dishonest and it left me feeling taken advantage of. I know these methods are widly used in “clubs”, “autoship” and other organizations. It just rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t like that it wasn’t clear that it would be $13 a month for 12 months ($156 for a yearly subscription).

When I contacted the representative at Highlights they were very kind and took care of the issue. They even refunded me the payment.

So the lesson learned is read the fine print.

I’m disappointed that my son will no longer receive these fun books in the mail, especially the Puzzle Buzz books.

I’m also disappointed that I had shared something online with you that I thought was worthwhile and worth mentioning.

I’m sorry, please accept my apology.

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4 thoughts on “{I’m sorry} A retraction to my readers

  1. That’s a bummer and I hate that you have to read the fine print to be able to get the full details. You should be able to know what is expected by simply glimpsing. Bummer!

  2. I’ve looked into ordering the Highlights magazine for our kids, but it’s just so expensive I can’t justify that particular purchase. I’m hoping the Friend (finally signed up a few weeks ago) will help out with their magazine needs.

  3. Lady of PC: The Friend is great, we get that magazine. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
    Adrian: Thanks for understanding and feeling the same about it.
    Emilie: Total bummer.

  4. I feel ripped off by Highlights as well. We received an offer in the mail to try an issue of Puzzle Buzz (and get a free tote bag! yelled the copy). I read over the offer several times to figure out how much they were going to charge me. There was no mention of any cost anywhere. Fast forward a few weeks, and my daughter received the free issue, tote bag, and a SECOND issue for which they billed me $8 and seem to have signed me up to receive 2 issues every 4-6 weeks (at $8 each I assume).

    I hate dishonest marketing tactics like this. They are banking on people being too lazy to go through with returning/cancelling the books. It ticks me off.

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