{Giveaway} New Happy Meal Play Date Party

Secretly, I wish I were a spy that had access to the underworkings of top secret information.

Last month, I did feel a little bit like a mom on a 007 mission where we participated in top secret tasting of the New Happy Meal and a behind the scenes tour with Ronald McDonald.

A spy should always come prepared with their spy gagets ready to go. I had a major spy #fail on my mission: the camera battery died. Thankfully, I had my iPhone to snap some pictures, I appologize for the image quality.

The event started out with a nice welcome at the front door and a little activity for the kids. Then the kids got to run wild in the playground while the moms (and Brian Hansen, Stephanie’s husband) toured the facility.

The tour seriously brought back memories of being in Kindergarden, back when they would let all the kids behind the counter and tour. From an operations stand point, it was interesting to see how everything is laid out, from the touch screens to the drink machines.

{This awesome shot is of Victoria (aka obSEUSSed) taking a picture of Ronald.}

(and here’s Stephanie’s photo of me taking a picture of Victoria taking a picture of Ronald!)

Ronald even surprized a few drive-up customers. {I of course had to ask Ronald if he’d seen the latest Modern Family on “I Sleep Clown“.)

My favorite part of the tour was seeing the MASSIVE DIET COKE hook up for the fountain drink. Did you know that the Diet Coke comes out cold? That’s why it tastes so good. It doesn’t melt the ice, hence less water in your Diet Coke.

The big announcement was made that all the new Happy Meals will have smaller fries and all Happy meals will include apples.

How cute are these???

In addition, there is a low fat chocolate milk. We met with a nutritionist and she told us all about the great things McDonalds does to make the food more nutritious. I like that the new Happy Meal is providing parents and children a balanced meal they can feel good about.

They were, of course, a big hit with my little man!

I was also really impressed the staff and how kind they were to make us feel welcome. I apreciate them as a part of our community.

The wonderful folks at McDonalds are offering you some Happy Meal love! We’re giving away a McDonald’s play date for you and your friends.

The “Play date” giveaway:

– 10 gift certificates for the New Happy Meal

– 3 gift certificates for the Premium Salads

– 3 gift certificates for the Premium Chicken Sandwiches

The winner can take a couple of her friends and their kids to a local McDonald’s and have a stress free play date.  The giveaway is only good for Utah locations {sorry!}.

To Enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: McDonald’s Utah supplied me with the giveaway to fit within FTC guidelines. 

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