{Baby Girl} 11 Months Today

Baby girl is 11 months old today 12-11-2011

My heart if very full today thinking about baby girl turning 11 months today. A lot has happened in the past year. A major milestone for us while I was on bedrest was to get her to 34 weeks. (About this time last year). I think back at that time, the days and weeks spent cooking this sweet little angel.

Our lives have been so blessed with her. She has the sweetest temperment. Over the last month she has really started to interact. She points with her little crooked finger at everything and says, “Ohhhooo”. The world is a very exciting place.

It has been so interesting to see the difference between a son and a daughter. To see the kids interacting and loving to be together.

We are very blessed to have this sweet girl in our life.

Happy Golden Birthday Baby!

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