{Wouldn’t it be great if…} Google Analytics for Parents

I’m a nerd. I know.

I totally geek out over google analytics, even though I have a few very loyal friends that read this blog. It’s really fun.

I love the charts.

I love the colors.

I love to see how I’m doing day to day. (and now with the new updated fancy analytics you can see up to the minute updates).

I like the progress.

I like to see my improvement.

So wouldn’t it be great if Google Analytics were available for parents?

We could chart our progress.

See our sucess in fancy colors (in crayon or marker if you prefer).

See visual progress from day to day.

We could work on areas of improvement.

For example: Look, it only took 8 minutes to get your three year olds shoes on today venus a median high of 10 minutes last month. That’s a two minute improvement! Bravo!

For the nursing mother: A chart for how many times you were up in the middle of the night over the course of a month and how you’re getting an additional ten minutes of sleep each night.

Or a diaper chart.

I’d call Parent Analytics “Parentlytics” ’cause “parent analytics” is kind of a tongue twister.

You’d get gold stars far doing awsome things through out the day like being super patient during the 20 minute tandrum all the way back home from Target because you wouldn’t buy the $200 Lego Star Wars set. You’d get a smiley face when you laughed with your kids.


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