{Motherhood} What’s the big deal?

What’s the big deal?

Why is it that now that I am home full time somethings bother me different that before?

I have a theory as to why issues that use to be no big deal are suddenly a big deal. Why as stay at home mothers we are more sensitive and get our feelings hurt easier? I call it my “It is a BIG deal Theory”.

When I was newly married and working my social world felt huge, I talked to lots of people. Now that I’m a mom at home. I feel like my world is as tiny. I talk to my kids and maybe a friend or two and the grocery checker during the day and my husband at night.

I use to have lots of projects, conversations and thoughts that filled my day; now life is lived more simply.

By nature, we are social people. We are meant to be surrounded by others. There have been countless studies done as to our need as humans to socialize. This is why I believe we came to earth in family units. It is my personal belief that we are meant to be together with others. Environmental physiology according to Wiki it “is the interdisciplinary field focused on the interplay between humans and their surroundings” (pretty fascinating research you can read for yourself if you click on the link above).

Here’s my ghetto little drawing of how I see this in a visually:

{yes, I’m a geek. I know. But that’s why you love me, right?}

Bare with me.

Social Circle 1: My life working out of the home, before becoming a stay at home mom

Social Circle 2: My life now

See how the first circle in green is bigger than the smaller pink circle? That’s my world. A little pink world.

So with more socializing and people in general to connect with, I feel that my attention was more spread out. Issues were more spread out and the priority had a different context. Let’s say a friend wouldn’t text me back. Back then I would blow it off.

Now however, with less social involvement, I feel that the issues become a bigger deal because of the new paradigm in which I base my reality. But now, if a friend doesn’t text me back, I take it MUCH more personally that I would have then.

How do you feel your life has changed with going from working full time to being home full time? Or if you work full-time and are balancing life with family how do you feel that has changed?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

{Please help me to add areas to the social circle that I may have missed in the Life prior and Life now images that can be included.}

Now add Social Media. Here my theory gets a little tricky.

I hypothesize that Social media bridges the environmental psycology aspect. I’m not sure what this does to my theory. Best to mull this one over a little more, but I want to throw it out there.

What do you think? Does social media fill that gap? Does being involved on facebook, twitter make you feel more connected? I know it does for me. But the little things in real life still get to me.
The little things are s till a big deal.

Over the last three years I’ve been more involved in the social media community. I blog, tweet and FB more.

I’ve gotten out of the house thanks to social media and entrepreneurial conferences, tradeshows and meet ups. I guess that’s the point of blogging tweeting for me. It’s to create new connections.
To make connections through common interests and then connect in real life.

I love to blog because I enjoy sharing concepts, theories, products and thoughts that pertain to my paradigm and lifestyle.

I also think that’s why 99.99% of the “online friends” I’ve met IRL share a real connection.

How does that old saying go? You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can’t pick your friends nose? Well, I think you can pick your friends nose in a figurative sense
because you already know them priory to meeting them. {ok, maybe this isn’t the best example, but you get the point right?}

I blog, tweet, engage online because I feel like I’m a part of something. A community that is bigger than my tiny world. I love that I feel connected.
We all want to feel included and feel like we belong. I believe that social media is that community and does bridge that gap.

I’ll have to figure out what that drawing will look like. It may need to be 3d because it has lots of layers. I just might need to create it in Prezi and make it fancy.
{thoughts? please share.}

Xoxo my friends


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One thought on “{Motherhood} What’s the big deal?

  1. Becoming a mom has definitely changed my social circle. I consider meeting up at Mcdonalds with friends (while the kids play in the play place) a great social event :) I guess sometimes it can save my sanity though.

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