{Toys} Lego Advent Calender

It’s a tradition in our family to do an advent calender. My grandmother cross-stitched one for me and my mom would individually wrap each gift and tie it to the calender (I’ll take a picture of it when I pull it out at the end of the month). After I was married, my friend Jenn Cook hand made me and Jon one.

I love this tradition. It makes me excited for December 1 and having my children open a special little gift each day. With our son’s new love for Legos I found this Lego Advent Calender that is pretty cool (I even watched a YouTube video on it, that’s how big of a geek I am). For $39, it’s not a bad deal considering each gift I would normally buy is about $0.50-$1.00 and I DON’T HAVE TO WRAP each tiny gift. That’s seems like a lot of good time saved to me.

{Spoiler} The final gift is seriously worth the $39 you’ll spend for Santa Yoda.

So stinking adorable. I’ve looked for it at Target and Toys R US but both stores have been out the last two times I checked, so I’m ordering it on the main Lego Super Store website (which also has a lot of really fun games and videos).

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2 thoughts on “{Toys} Lego Advent Calender

  1. I’ve been eyeing this for the past week. My son’s 6th B-day is Nov 29 and he is obsessed with Legos right now – especially cool that it is Star Wars advent this year. I think I’ll be starting the tradition of grabbing one of these each yr for his birthday. Perfect timing. I’m going to grab mine from Amazon and get free prime shipping and $1 off retail.

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