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Me meeting my son for the first time in the NICU
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Intermountain Moms (Intermountain Healthcare)
Intermountain Moms has a Facebook page/group for moms to connect and to ask medical and health related questions where they will be answered by a doctor or nurse. They also have a nurse responding people via video.  Their goal is to drive more users and engagement to that page: http://www.facebook.com/intermountainmoms
Intermountain Healthcare is a major part of the community. When my water broke at 34 weeks with my son, we were directed to LDS Hospital instead of our regularly scheduled hospital because LDS Hospital had a Special Care Nursery and our primary hospital did not. I am so glad we had our son there. It was a hard time for us, but we had amazing support from all of the staff. I still remember every single nurses name that cared for him during his three week stay. I still contribute to the yearly “Preemie Party” held at LDS Hospital by making the invitations.
With our daughter our insurance had changed and I was excited to have Dr. Rebecca Ponder as my OBGYN at the new Intermountain Health Care Facility (IMC). Dr. Ponder came highly recommended by family and friends (the power of word of mom). They have a very nice Women’s center with lots of natural light. What I liked about going there is that I would see the doctor for my appointment and then I could go two doors down to the lab and next to that the  high risk/ultrasound. Which happend when I was 29 weeks along. I was put on bedrest for 2 months and received a lot of great support.
It was actually a year ago almost to the date that I went in for a routine check up and my cervical length had dramatically changed. So, instead of having to go to different location I walked down the hall. Labor and Delivery is located down stairs on the first floor. I liked having the doctors office and the hospital in the same place so that when I would bring my son for my visits he could see where the hospital was and get use to the idea of having me stay at the hospital.
One funny moment that I will never forget happened around 36 weeks. I couldn’t get a baby sitter for one reason or another so my son came with. We’d been prepping him for the baby and explained that soon the baby will come out. As we walked in the main doors I pointed out where the hospital was. We were at the doctors office waiting for the doctor and I was up on the examination table (modestly covered, of course) and he looked over at me and said, “Mom, just push!” I guess he thought we were going to have the baby right then and there!
During my 8 weeks of bed-rest, I was assigned to a very wonderful nurse that would routinely call and check on me. She was great. It was lonely being at home on bed-rest and I loved the phone calls from her. Her short 10 minute call quickly became an hour long as we would talk and laugh. It was touching to have someone really care like that for the well being of me and the baby. I knew that the hospital had “assigned” her to me but she took her responsibility much more serious and made the experience personal. Since then I have wished to call her and just “chat” or ask if what my baby was doing is “normal” and not have to wait to talk to the pediatrician (because when it comes to motherhood, we’re all freakers, aren’t we?).
I was happy to learn that all mothers can ask a real nurse (Nurse Dani) questions about their pregnancy or children. I reminds me of Ask A Nurse that Utah use to have some 10 years ago. It’s a great service where Nurse Dani can actually answer with video. The Intermountain Health Care facebook page has a lot of information and vidoes that act as a support for new mothers. Most of the videos are OBGYN’s and Pediatricians answering FAQ’s. It reminds me of the “Ask A Nurse” program they had a few years back.
{fantastic photo by the wonderful Kate Pease}
The page has a community for mothers that can share their stories and experiences. The fans are very active, engaged and quick to help each other. I think this is nice because it really feels like a community and support group.
The Giveaway:
The prize: $300 GC to Babinski’s Baby http://www.babinskis.com/
Entry Method:
Go “like” Intermountain Moms and come back and leave a comment to let you know (so you can sort out the entries)
I received information about Intermountain Moms campaign and am sharing experience because I love Intermountain Healthcare and personally believe in what they are doing. 

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43 thoughts on “{Giveaway} Intermountain Mom

  1. Loved hearing (reading) your story and I love the concept behind Intermountain Moms. I liked them on Facebook!

  2. I liked them on FB even though I am not in your area. Sounds like a great practice.

    And this is a fabulous giveaway! I need a new car seat for this new baby coming in April… :)

    Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for sharing your story. xoxo

  3. I like them on Facebook and I like them in real life. Both my kids were born in Their hospitals!

  4. I “liked” Intermountain Moms. They are an incredible resource! I appreciated the Ask A Nurse program many moons ago and thrilled that they have a similar service for new moms! This is a wonderful giveaway ~ I’m going to be a first time grandma in December and would love to spoil the grandbaby! :)

  5. i “liked” intermountain moms… what a great site… i usually go to another well known site for advice but will for sure give this a try!!!!!

  6. I like Intermountain Moms! We too love the special care nurseries and NICU’s. My daughter was born at LDS and spent a week in the SCN. We’ve also been in the McKay Dee NICU (my 4YO was my preemie). Thank goodness for great staff! I hope I win! :)

  7. Intermountain Health Care saved my babies life. I’m so grateful for my excellent doctor, Sam Ponder.

  8. You are amazing Kathy. I loved reading about your experiences and I had no idea they had a facebook page. I’m suggesting it to all my friends who are expecting or are new moms. Way to spread the word sister!!

  9. Awesome page on facebook Kathy, the IHC moms page is so nice to have!

  10. I like them on facebook (as Corrie Watkins) and I agree they’re a great hospital to have. My son had his chemo treatments at Primary Children’s and all of my children were born in the same IHC hospital.

  11. GREAT giveaway!! I’m keeping fingers crossed because I need a new stroller! :) I love IMC. I had my first baby there and worked there for a year as a newborn photographer. And seriously, the BEST hospital cafeteria. Not going to lie, I have actually been tempted to stop there for a sandwich even when I have no reason to go to the hospital!

  12. I like Intermountain Mom’s on Facebook! I just had Baby #5 there and it was my favorite labor yet, a GREAT experience!

  13. I like Intermountain Mom’s on Facebook! They helped save my nieces life who was born at 24 weeks she is a happy 2 year old now, thanks so much! I had my first and now getting ready with my 2nd and hope all goes as well as my first did! I am sure it will in such capable hands!

  14. I love Dr Ponder! My favorite part of your post was when Jonah told you to push!

  15. Thanks for sharing your story. I liked them on FB & I also like them in real life. They’ve got great facilities & staff!

  16. Kathy thanks for being so on top of things to share this. I loved reading about your experiences and am going to definitely share intermountain moms with everyone. I was so impressed!

  17. So I didn’t think my first comment posted so I did another and now this makes three :o Um, feel free to delete a few!

  18. I am not a Mom, but I liked the page because Dr. Ponder is the absolute best!

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