{Family} Choosing a dog

We kindly refer to ourselves as “dog people”. No, we don’t look or smell like dogs, at least I hope not, both Jon and I grew up with dogs.

Six years ago we got our first dog, Banjo. We wanted a medium sized dog because our house isn’t very big. After doing some serious research on the American Kennel Club website, we find a breed that we thought would be a good fit. He’s a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. We had never met a Toller but liked that it was a part of the retriever family. That was the first lesson we learned: know the breed. The second lesson we learned is that you must meet the breeders and the pups parents. It is key to see how you interact with the pup and how your kids interact.

Two months ago, we adopted our second dog. A yellow lab pup. She is sweet. There is a reason why labs and retrievers are the number one family pet: they love their owners. They want to please and be a part of the family.

We did things different. In fact 80% of why we even considered getting a second dog is that we know the family and the mama. (Honestly, I told Jon the only way we would ever get another dog is if the Dunn’s dog Kona had a female puppy).

A few points to consider when adopting a dog:

1. This is a 8-15 year commitment.

2. Find the right bread that works for your family. If you live in an apartment, you may want a smaller dog. If you like hiking, you may want to consider a lab or retriever.

3. Meet the parents. A major part of the dog’s personality comes from the parents of the pup. Even if the breeders or human society tell you that it’s a nice dog, don’t take their word for it.

4. Meet other dogs like your dog.

5. Take the kids along. When a pup or dog has ben decided on, bring the kids along to met the dog.

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