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This week I hosted a fun Sippy Cup Soire at my house AKA the Playtex Baby Sippy 101 part of the Playtex Baby Sippy Cup Blog Tour. It was nice to have an excuse to get together with other moms in the neighborhood this week especially since it’s gotten so much colder. I really appreciate the effort everyone made to support this event.

My super wonderful mother helped me set up and was there when the package arrived with the mother load of all mother loads of sippy cups!

Baby girl was very excited to see all the fun colors.

I don’t host a lot of parties at my home. I love a good party, but our homes in this area are so tiny that it’s hard to fit anyone in the living room comfortably. I’m so not the hostest with the mostest that some of my guests are and it made me a little nervous to have them come to my home for a change.

Getting ready my son was very sad excited to see the fun sippy cups and prizes. He’s almost four and super into Disney Cars. He was sad to learn that all the fun prizes, specifically a cars cake pan was not for him. He told me to win it for him and was broken-hearted that I did not win it for him. I guess that’s the problem with displaying the prizes prior to the party.

A bunch of friends with children ages 6 months to four years old all joined forces to share their transition story from bottle to sippy cup. We started off the evening by pouring our own apple cider in to our choice of sippy cups. I had hoped to make a fancy hot cider drink but wasn’t sure that a warm beverage would work so well in a sippy cup. Everyone was a good sport to try out the sippy cups. I like the little plastic nub that is at the bottom of the sippy part, which makes them spill proof, but made if difficult for us moms to drink out of!

It was nice to hear from other moms their experience going from bottle to cup. There was a lot that I had forgotten about in this transition. Sarah (AKA Confessions of a Slacker Mom) had recently purchased one of the sippy cups we were testing out. She likes the fact that it locks and is spill proof.

We talked about three different kinds of cups and the benefits of each (on the banner above). With my first, he took along time to transition from bottle to cup. He would take a bottle with milk for far longer than I’d like to admit. But he drinks out of a regular cup and loves to use straws (we like the colorful ones form IKEA and uses three or four at a time).

But there were also a few moms that hadn’t used a bottle at all. They had nursed their babies and went directly to a cup. Megan mentioned that it was a different transition not using a bottle to begin with, which was something I had not considered since our son started using a bottle at birth.

(On a side note, A few weeks ago I had my niece over, she’s a year younger than my son and gave them both apple juice in a regular cup. When her juices spilled all over the table and floor I realized that I had totally forgotten how much difference a year makes developmentally in the drinking process.)

We also held a fantastic giveaway and a few mama’s walked home with some great prizes like the new Winnie the Pooh DVD (that was released that day), Cars DVD, Diaper Bag, cake pan. They were a huge hit. Thank you Playtex Baby for hosting a fun evening!

After the party my son asked, “So Mom, did you make a craft?” I guess he knows that when I get together with my friends we like to be creative. Very funny. We did not make a craft.

Since the party, my son has loved testing out the different cups and has a cup filled at all times in the fridge ready to go. He really likes the one with the flip top. He  told me that it doesn’t make a mess (all on his own) and I shot this quick viddy of him super excited about his new cup.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_2235.mov Playtex Baby Sippy Cup Demo]

“Playtex is paying me to participate and providing the prize(s) for this promotion at no cost to me.  This promotion is not being administered or sponsored in any way by Playtex or its affiliates, but solely by DanishMama.com. Any questions or comments regarding this promotion must be sent to me at DanishMama.com and not to Playtex.”

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