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Please welcome today’s featured mama, Trina Pond. Trina and I have have parents that were friends in Denmark and came to Utah about the same time. I love Trina’s jewelry and personally own a few pieces that I love, like this bird necklace: .
Tell us about yourself: My name is Trina Pond. My husband and I have been married for 13 years. We have 2 daughters. They are almost 4 and almost 2. I always knew I wanted only 2 children very close together. My girls are exactly 21 months apart. Sometimes I think that was a little crazy but most of the time it’s great. We live in a community called DayBreak in South Jordan, Utah. I love it here. It reminds me a lot of Europe. I love all of the playgrounds and the fact that the houses have character. I love that you can walk or ride your bike to so many different places here. I wish the trees were a little more mature, but they’re getting there.

I AM danish and very proud of that fact. I feel very lucky to have that culture as part of my upbringing and I’ve tried to make sure I’ve instilled some of the danish culture, attitudes, ideals and outlooks on life in to my girls.

I have always enjoyed making jewelry. I used to try to get my mom take me to Zims almost every weekend. In elementary I used long and short beads to make a necklace with a boys name in morse code in it. I remember thinking it was so cool every time people said they liked my necklace because I knew I had created it and only I knew the hidden meaning. All of my friends had me make one for them as well. I didn’t really keep up the jewelry making in the years to follow. It came back almost out of necessity. I was pregnant with Taylor and I had stopped working, so our income was not what we were used to. I started looking in to those cute little baby bracelets. I was amazed at what people were charging for them. I thought to myself,  “I could make something just like that or better and more personal for a fraction of the price”……and I did. That was it. The jewelry bug was back. Most of the items I make are one of a kind. This is due to the fact that some of my favorite jewelry pieces are ones I bought in random little shops during our travels. I like that not everyone has one or can go out and get one. I started making things for my girls and for myself and got compliments and inquiries everywhere I went so I decided to create an Etsy shop.

What is your favorite activity to do with children? We love to be outside at the park or playground, feeding the ducks, going on bike rides, going to the pool, running, playing soccer, gardening, hiking. When we can’t be outside we read, do puzzles, color, paint, and we do A LOT of dressing up and dancing around. My girls love to make jewelry as well. I love that I get to hang out with them all day. They’re the best. They both challenge and amaze me on a daily basis. They are very funny and very smart. They are the hardest, most rewarding fun I’ve ever had.

What was the most surprizing moment as a parent? 2 things come to mind. First: I never REALLY knew that you could love and be loved on this level. Don’t get me wrong….I always felt loved by my family and my husband….but THIS….THIS is indescribable. I feel so lucky to know how this feels. The love I have for my girls and the new love for my husband….and the new love and RESPECT for MY parents……crazy. To know your kids have an unconditional love for you and trust in you, and to earn the right to hear your child say they love you is the best thing in the world.      Second: Realizing I really wasn’t that busy before. I used to think I was so busy all of the time. Now I think about that and laugh. I think to myself “What did I do before I had kids”. They take up your time 24/7. My hardest, busiest days at work don’t even compare.

What challenges have you faced as a parent? Patience, balance and compromise. I like everything to be in order and that just doesn’t happen much anymore. Everything seems to be on their schedule. For example: I’ve had to learn that it CAN AND DOES take 20 mins to put shoes on. I’ve had to adjust my way of thinking and my timing. Even though I would much rather put their shoes on for them so we can get out of the door I’ve learned that I need to just start the process 30 mins earlier so they have the opportunity to learn and feel a sense of accomplishment doing things themselves. I’ve had to learn that in most cases THAT’S what’s more important and I shouldn’t rob them of that. I’ve had to realize that it doesn’t matter that the house isn’t always spotless and the laundry isn’t done because I spent the day making sure the girls knew they are more important to me than the house work. This is where the balance part comes in as well though, because they also need to learn the importance of work and responsibility.
I try to make sure they are learning to make decisions and see the consequences of those decisions….within boundaries and guidelines. Raising children is an ever changing game. Just when you think you have them figured out, things change.

What is your favorite children’s story or fairytale? The ugly duckling.

What are your favorite Scandinavian companies, stores, or food? I like Danish Design, Copenhagen West, Skagen, Pilgrim, IKEA (of course…who doesn’t). I like any scandinavian store or website. I’ve tried to make sure my house has a very simple scandinavian feel to it as well. The only problem is that most of the time you pay quite a bit more for that. I have spent my fair share of time on sites and in stores day dreaming. As far as food…..I like it all. Except remoulade. I like the different smorrebrod like mackerel salad or leverpostej med agurk rugbrod, I like frikadeller, bolde i karry, aebleskiver, all of the pastries, kringles, studenterbrod, rundstykker, rum balls, all of the gummies and candy, labre larver, matador mix, skolekridt, turkish pepper, gajol, palaeg chokolade, marzipan, those white mint hard candies with the chocolate in the middle……just to name a few. There are websites out there that offer some of the food and candy I miss but the shipping costs are crazy and studenterbrød just doesn’t taste the same when it’s a week old. I usually have to have my family send things over once in a while. The smell when you open a new bag of candy is to die for!!!!

What advice would you give to a new mom? Don’t do what people or books tell you to do…..do what your heart tells you to do. Listen to and act on your new gift called “mommy instinct”. I don’t know how many times people told me not to do things because I’d spoil my girls. I’m glad I didn’t listen. I would have missed out on some really special bonding times. For example: I totally let me girls sleep on my chest whenever possible and I never regretted it for one second. They’ll only do that for a few months and I think about how sad it would be to have missed out on that. Now that they’re a little older I still fall asleep with my girls. So what. I know they’re not going to want me to do that forever, but for now, if it helps them fall asleep feeling safe and loved then I can’t think of anything more important to do with that 10 minutes of my time. There’s nothing else I’d rather do.
Cherish EVERY second. Even the ones when they’re crying. Everyone has heard the expression “time flies” but I don’t think you really get it until you have children. TIME FLIES……AND THE WORST PART IS…..YOU CAN’T GET IT BACK!!!! Don’t waste it worrying about things that don’t matter. 

How can we contact you? (email, twitter, linkedin, facebook page) I’m on facebook under Trina Pond and my etsy shop is myposhandpampered.etsy.com

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