Get Back To The Table

We live in bounty.

This has become more and more evident this year. Even though I feel like we are all tightening our belts a little more, cutting coupons a little more and overall being careful with our money, we still live well. The past week I’ve had two experiences that have reminded me of this.

The first experience happened on Tuesday at Costco. I had forgotten my membership card and was waiting in line at member services for a temporary card when I witnessed the following. A mother was returning a laundry basket full of clothes. It looked like 5 year old boy clothes and 2 year old girl clothes. Everyone around her was giving her dirty looks. The customer returns gals were bugged because there was a long line forming, “Help me look up all these clothes to return” the customer returns gall said to the other one.

What caught my eye was a pair of well worn strawberry print jammies. I could picture a little 2 year old girl snuggled up in those jammies with her mom. I saw these jammies held memories of childhood. And then I saw this mother through different eyes. I saw a mother that loved her children, a mother that would do anything to provide clothing and food for her children even if it meant returning the favorite jammies for a few dollars to provide a warm jacket or meal.

I was shocked. I was there with my daughter. I did nothing. I wish I had done something at that moment and have held that regret for the past week.

The second experience happened Friday night. My husband and I were watching a show together after getting the kids to bed. We watched Children of the Planes a 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer. It was humbling to watch as grandmothers raised grandchildren because alcholism plagues the society. Families lived in trailers with up to 15 people and barely enough food for a meal. One girl only owned three outfits.

The following day, I looked at my laundry pile in a new light. Instead of seeing the task at hand I saw the bounty of over flowing clean clothes. I saw my fridge full of food and I thought of the children that would not have full bellies tonight. Then I went in the check my email and have been asked to take part in the Libby’s Get Back To The Table campaign in support of Habitat for Humanity and in partnership with Fresh Market.

Libby’s believes the table is the heart of the home. To help families around the US, Libby’s is partnering with local Habitat for Humanity chapters to give families a place to enjoy a meal together and everything they need to make it happen. How great is that for a partnership?

Habitat for Humanity Salt Lake City will complete 3 new/refurbished homes for less fortunate families this year. To help these families get back to the table, Libby’s will provide each of the families that move into these homes with:

o   A pantry stocked with Libby’s products to make simple, easy meals for the family

o   A dining table for 6 to have a place to enjoy a meal together

o   Place settings for at least 6 family members

I like that Libby’s vegetables are affordable. You can also find recipes online at GetBackToTheTable.com.

Food donation of non-perishable items is being accepted THIS WEEK at all 16 Fresh Market locations from Logan to Price and in Park City. This food drive ends Saturday, so please donate now! Together we WILL make a difference.

Please join me in this cause by donating or sharing this campaign via Twitter or Facebook!


Follow Libby’s on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/libbystable

Like Libby’s on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LibbysTable



In #Utah? Join @LibbysTable through 10/22 in donating nonperishable food 2 ur local Fresh Market 4 @Habitat_Org  http://ow.ly/6YOE0 {PLS RT}


In Utah? Want to donate to a great cause? Fresh Markets from Logan to Price are accepting non-perishable food donations until October 22 (this Saturday!) for Habitat for Humanity. Please stop by and donate if you have a minute!

Please note: I was asked by Libby’s to participate in this campaign and will donate my compensation back to Libby’s in supporting this cause.

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