What’s the number one thing I’ve learned this month?

I need to unplug.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact moment where media went from being a tool to taking over. However, I think it was around the time I had the baby and was trying to connect more online while breast feeding. Checking facebook and tweeting was my way of connecting with friends and other moms that provided support. But then it got obsessive. I’d check my email every half hour and would double check that I hadn’t gotten any new tweets that needed immediate response.

After attending a social media conference in early July, I learned about new techniques, apps, video blogging. It only amplified being plugged in. I got so caught up in all that I wasn’t doing. It stressed me out.  All these new things to learn and do. All this pressure I put on my self. But why?

I felt just like this Portlandia Technology Loop video:

Just in time, our family headed to the Tetons and really unplugged. I let my cell phone die. I didn’t check emails for a week. It put things back in perspective.

So, now I’m blogging a little less. I still check emails on my phone but it’s set to manual mode. And guess what? The world hasn’t ended. I can survive without being connected online.

Instead I’m connecting in real life.

I’m using our time to learn. I’m taking an Illustrator class. I’m playing, really playing with my kids (not the distracted “Ah, huh” response while looking up from my phone).

I’m not anti-technology. I just believe that it’s a fine line to having our tools work for us and not have them over take us.

What do you do to unplug?

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2 thoughts on “Unplug

  1. That video is awesome! I need to unplug more often for sure. Right now we’re on vacay in California, so that’s been fabulous. And you do realize the world still spins–and life continues on–even when you’re not Facebooking, tweeting or texting.

  2. I could not agree with you more. When I moved back to CA I decided to quit Facebook and not get TV or Internet at my new place. Sure I miss updates from friends and family. I found, just like you, that I’m more connected when I’m playing with my son and we get outside a lot more often.

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