{Travel} Five Travel Tips

We are gearing up for a big family vacation to Denmark where we will be sailing for a week. After our stay in the Tetons, packing for a European Vacation is actually a lot easier.

A few things that I’m doing to prepare for travel with kids.

1. Pack half the clothes. You never wear all that you bring and really, you can wear an outfit multiple times.

2. Each child get’s their own backpack. Bring toys, snacks and jammies in their own backpack.

3. Bring jammies to change into on the plane, it helps them sleep better if you can “get ready for bed”. Plus it takes time to do these things and when you have a trip that’s 24 hours from door to door it’s nice to have a distraction.

4. Bring a change of clothes and underwear in a carry on (with out fail your luggage will not make the connecting flight and you’ll be stuck wearing the same clothes for 48 hours). If you’re traveling with a baby, bring three changes of clothes.

5. Manage expectations. If you are stressed, your kids will be stressed. Delay’s happen, the baby will poop on you, luggage gets lost. But if those things don’t happen, you will be pleasently surprised.

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