Must Have Camp Cooler: Coleman Powerchill

Our family loves the outdoors. We’ve learned the hard way to keep milk cold and safe*.

A family tradition is to go to Jackson Hole each summer. We’ve been going for over 20 years and love the spend time together with our families.

Last summer we headed up to the Tetons to spend two weeks with both of our families. I was pregnant and stayed in a cabin instead of the typical tent cabin. But we were still able to enjoy all that the outdoors have to offer.

Our son was still taking a bottle. Trying to keep milk cold in a cooler with just ice is a lot harder than we had expected. Even though the milk felt cold when I gave to our son it had gone bad. I found this out by having him throw up all over me, himself and the sheets. This happened twice during our two week stay. It was a mess. A stinky gross mess. Poor little buddy was so upset. He kept apologizing for throwing up. I felt guilty for giving him bad milk.

Even though we had purchased milk from the grocery store in Colter Bay Village, the ice was not keeping the milk cold enough. We were challenged with how to keep our son happy and his milk cold. We did not find a solution until a few weeks later.

My husband won this cooler at a work event. It’s a Coleman Powerchill and can plug into an outlet or a car adapter and is kept very cold. Watch this cool video (pun intended)

This year as we are gearing up for another trip to the Tetons we are taking our fancy cooler and look forward to not be thrown up on. The cooler can lay on it’s side, like a regular cooler or upright like a mini fridge.

For $167, it’s pricy for a cooler. But I would highly recommend this to any friend that has children and love the outdoors.

Now I want a mini one of these in my car to keep apple juice, water and Diet Coke cold! How fantastic would this be for hot Utah days when the car gets to be over 100. It would be great to bring to the pool, too. How many times have you been driving around and are tempted to stop at McDonalds or the gas station just for a cold drink?

*This is NOT a sponsored post. It may sound like an advertisement, but that’s because we really love this camp cooler ;)

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