Scandinavian Enamelware

Have you ever been reading in a magazine and thought, “I need this?”

This very thing happened to me while reading the February issue of Martha Stewart Living. But it wasn’t that I needed the fancy make up or purse shown in the ad. It was a vintage Scandinavian Enamelware bowl. The article was about collecting and when I read it, I knew this was something I must do.

Pictured below: Lisa Congdon and her collection of Scandinavian enamelware in the February 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Beauty isn’t it?

There is a bowl in that was pictured was like this one:
It reminded me of my grandmother and I was convinced that she had this very bowl up until a few weeks ago when I was at my mother in-laws and out she pulls this very bowl!

I have found a new passion: Scandianvian Enamelware. I’ve been researching on eBay and am hoping to find some fun new things. The only problem is a) My house is the size of a doll house and my kitchen has no storage and b) I don’t have a budget for this new love. However, I hope to find some good deals to justify these purchases.

Do any of you have a hobby that you love?

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