EVO 11 – Top 8 Must Haves

I’m counting down the days until EVO 11 is here. It’s like a blogger’s Disneyland.

Be warned: your brain will hurt when it’s all said and done.

The Evolution of Women in Social Media is the premier event for women to connect. Bloggers, tweeters, business owners, women (me with baby) and men will be in attendance. There are speakers, workshops and activities. But the biggest thing for me is making in real life connections. I attended EVO 10 last year and made some great connections with people  that I may not have other wise met.

Last year I was pregnant and not feeling well, but tried to make the most of the time I was able to be at the event. My favorite part of EVO was hanging out in the Scandinavian Child Suite with friends. What I hope to take away from this years event is more real life connections.

Here is a quick and dirty list of things I’m preparing to attend the event:

1. Rolling Bag – Last year we got so much great loot but it was difficult to haul it all from place to place. It’s great because it has wheels and I don’t get a dead arm by the end of the day. I like to put everything into my rolling bag (plus there’s room for sneaking in a Diet Coke or two).

2.Business Cards

3. iPhone/ Cell Phone – it’s nice to tweet while you’re in the classes or during breakouts.

4. Laptop – with so many great speakers and ideas you’ll have, you’ll want to jot it all down so that in the following weeks you can digest all the information.

5. Notebook – there are some places it’s awkward to have your laptop, like at dinner. I have found that a little notebook is nice to have handy in the rolling bag.

6. Camera – I really wish I had taken more pictures last year and hope to take many more this year. I’ll also be attending the photography classes, so I’ll bring a small point and shoot as well as my DSLR.

7. Charger – for phone, camera and laptop

8. Snacks – while the food is more than fantastic at the event, it’s nice to have a little treat handy.

There is a huge list of wonderful sponsors I’m looking forward to connecting with:

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9 thoughts on “EVO 11 – Top 8 Must Haves

  1. I’m so bummed to miss EVO this year! I have a conflict. :( I love your rolling bag! Where did you get it? I might have to pick one up for BlogHer!

  2. I’ll be at Evo Conference, too! Hopefully we’ll meet! I’ve never been and I’m so looking forward to it.

  3. LOVE your quick and dirty list. ;o) Thinking I need to look into the rolling bag….
    I still haven’t decided what I’m wearing. For some reason, having my outfits planned out makes me feel ready. And having the outfits not be completely lame makes me feel even better!

  4. Great post! I love the disclaimer at the beginning! Your brain will hurt … so will your voice & smiling muscles ;D

  5. I can’t wait to be at Evo this year – I’m a first timer for this event and I have heard nothing but fab things!

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