Trust Yourself

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My sister just had a baby and she’s adjusting to life with a new baby. I told her above all the advice you recieve to “Trust Yourself’.

A friend of mine has been looking for a new job. She is someone that I love and adore. But finding a new job is nerve racking and she’s starting to doubt herself. I told her to “Trust Yourself”.

My sister in-law is dealing with a situation where she’s unsure of where to send her daughter to school. She signed up one place but isn’t feeling good about it. I told her to “Trust Yourself”.

I found myself doubting my abilities as a mother. Then, I heard myself saying, “Trust Yourself”.

Why is it so hard for us to trust ourselves? Is it that we are human or rather that we recognize our imperfections, our faults far more often than we recognize our strength?

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