Noble Birthright

I’m a princess.

No, really. I don’t just think I’m a princess, I really am.

On my father’s side we are nobility. It goes back a few generations, but my grandmother’s mother was of a long line of nobility, that does go back to being a lady in waiting for the Queen of Denmark.

Growing up it gave me great sense of worth knowing that I was nobility, even if it really didn’t mean anything. I think all girls (women) need to know they have divine purpose. And that we have an obligation to live lives that are indeed noble, virtuous, honest, honorable,humble, gracious and grateful-trustworthy to the core-filled with integrity, so as to have respect for not only who we are, but also ‘whose we are’!

I believe we are all daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us and that we have the potential to be Queens.

My ancestory ended up marrying a commoner out of love, not duty. I always found that story to be teribly romantic. A princess giving up her land and title to marry someone she loved.

I sent this post to my mom (aka the Queen Mum)  to check for accuracy, since she is the Family History guru in the family and she sent this back:

I ran across the coolest quote by a Danish gentleman who seemed to be very well versed, & wise as I was reading some of his family history that was similar in that the nobles eventually lost their land rights bit by bit until they were ‘land owners’ with not much clout left to the status of their original ‘nobility titles’.

He said in Danish ‘Aedel kan en bonde vaere’ translated, ‘Nobel can a farmer be’.

What he is saying is, it doesn’t always matter whether you bear the coat of arms or not as long as you live a life that is noble,virtuous, honorable, and worthy.

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