Increased Capacity to Love

How is it out hearts can grow and we can love more?

This month my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. Ten years ago on our wedding day, I could not have comprehended the depth in which I love him. How over the years we have grown closer. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have fathomed it possible to love him more.

When we were expecting out first child, I wondered how I could love someone as much as my husband. How could some little stranger change my life so drastically? But as I held the infant in my arms, something beautiful happened. My love grew. My heart expanded to love this new joy in out lives.

Recently, I’ve gone through this process again. As I was pregnant with our second, I worried that I would have to divide my love and attention to two children. I tried to visualize what our days together would look like. How could I love someone else as much as I already loved my son. But as we all sat on the hospital bed and held baby girl, my love multiplied. This beautiful girl has shown us all sweet and innocent love by her smiles and coo’s.

It is a beautiful gift we are given the capacity to increase our love. That it isn’t stagnate or reaches capacity over time or a set limit but instead that it continues to grow and mature.

I feel blessed to have such love in my life.

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