Danish Royal Guardsman

This Royal Guardsman is an icon of Denmark. The Guardsmen can still be seen today with their iconic hats. One of our favorite things to do when we see the guardsmen is to try and make them smile. They do not smile.

My grandfather was a Guardsman for the Queen in Kobenhagen.

These Royal Guardsman can be seen at birthday tables and on other festive occasions.

You can purchase one here at FJORN.

Kay Bojesen Royal Guardsmen – beloved classic
The Royal guardsmen have watched over the Danish castles since 1658; with bearskin, red gala uniform and a cross on their fronts. Since Kay Bojesen drew his guards in 1942, they have been present, on ordinary days and at parties, and also businesses wares when Danish show their colors internationally. The guards, made of beech wood, are hand painted and the sentry box formed packaging, which received the Formland Prize in 1992, wears the monogram with the approval of her majesty, Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

  • Materials: Beech
  • H: 8.7 inches
  • Design: Kay Bojesen”

My cute friend Hanne at Maileg sent me this darling postcard. The postcard is on our fridge and always makes me smile.  You can purchase your own Royal Guardsman cards on their website.

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