Biker Girl

It’s starting to warm up a little here in Utah.

This weekend we cleaned out the garage and I was so excited to see my sweet cruiser bike. When I quit my full time job to be home, my husband bought me this Electra Townie as a gift.

Best motherhood gift ever!

My bike with kid in tow is one of my favorite moments as a mother. It is bliss and freedom. We have a Chariot carrier and have loved going on so many adventures together. Mostly we ride to Sugar House Park and play at the playground or head to Emigration Market.

I am thrilled that it is almost warm enough to bike. I am double thrilled that Baby Girl is three months and fits into the Chariot Sling. Towing 50+ pounds of kid weight should be enough resistance to get me into shape in no time, right? ;)

I was looking for pictures of me with my bike and ran across these fun bike pictures from California. My entire family fit on this 9 person bike!

It still cracks me up looking at it!

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