Wish Granted: Holding Hannah

This pregnancy has taught me to appreciate each sweet moment and has humbled me.

At 28 weeks the doctors saw my cervix had significantly shortened and put me on strict bedrest and were given progesterone shoots each week. Due to the signs of preterm labor, we emotionally and physically prepared for another preemie.

My biggest wish for our baby girl was simply to hold her, something that I was unable to do with out son. (see post Baby Girl Wish: To Hold You)

It was our goal to get to 34 weeks where the risk significantly decreased. We made it and each day after we felt was a blessing. Our som was born at 34 weeks and three days. We continued on bedrest. Made it to 35 weeks and them 36. We knew that 37 weeks is considered full term but had never really allowed ourselves to think about full term as am option.

Then at 37 weeks out doctor took me off bedrest. I was already dilated to a three and 90% effaced. We couldn’t believe it. We had made it.

I was induced on 1-11-11 and the process went very quickly once the patosin was started. Three hours later I was pushing and when the nurse put the recieving blanket on my stomach, I started to cry. My wish to hold our daughter was going to come true. It was a moment I will never forget.

Hannah was placed on my stomach and I got to hold her. This fresh little baby from heaven was finally in my arms. It was almost too much to comprehend.

My wish had come true.

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3 thoughts on “Wish Granted: Holding Hannah

  1. I was so happy to hear that you went full term and that your baby girl got here safe and sound!

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