Sweet Boy

Since having our darling daughter, our son has been amazing. He really has been so sweet to her.

He is active, like any three year old. Loves to play sports and play with his Pixar Cars. He’s creative and makes up songs about Despicable Me and the solar system.

He’s been patient with the new adjustments in our routine.

He’s our first and he made us parents. As my sister is due any day with her first, it has given me some time to think back on our journey as parents over the last three years. More than anything, I am grateful, on a daily basis that I get to be my son’s and daughter’s mother.

I learn from them. The way the see the world, the way he questions everything. He is really into colors right now and when ever we are in the car he wants to know what two colors mixed together make. “Mama, what does purple and green make?” or “Mama, what does orange and orange make?”

He makes up his own words like kablutchy (the sound the the clouds make when it starts to snow). He quotes movies, “There’s a girl back there”, from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

I love these moments. I love being a mom and love sharing our every day moments.

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3 thoughts on “Sweet Boy

  1. He’s adorable and you will be SO glad you’ve written these things down.

    No matter how much I’ve tried not to, I have to admit that I’ve forgotten some of those little things that made me smile so much when my older kids were younger.

    Congratulations on your new addition!

  2. So tender, glad you can enjoy all those “little moments” with your big boy. Hope all is well with that sweet baby girl too!

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