Surviving or Thriving?

Baby girl is almost 10 weeks old! I am so blessed to be a mother of two darling children and the wife to such a sweet husband.

The last 10 weeks have been a major adjustment. I’m sure you’ve all gone through the similar ups and downs adjusting to life with a new little life. It’s been easy in a lot of ways: healthy baby that eats and sleeps well. But it’s been hard in a lot of ways too: having to share my attention between son, husband and daughter.

Some days we were lucky to get everyone dressed by noon.

But today is a good day and we were all dressed and out the door, on time for pre-school (early in fact). I feel like I’m part of the living breathing world today.

I slept last night.

Can you tell I feel like a new person?

Loving life!

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5 thoughts on “Surviving or Thriving?

  1. I’ve been very curious to know how the transition from one child to two feels. At this point, if I do have another child, Rosie will be old enough to help out with a lot of the day to day things (and hopefully not resent it, like I did when I was 10 and my mom had a baby :)

    Best wishes for life to continue to get back into a comfortable routine.

  2. What is your secret to getting babe to sleep through the night at 10 weeks? I’ve got #3 on the way and my other two never slept through the night consistently until they were almost 2! (Sick, etc. They were preemies). I’m dreading the sleepless nights with #3. Good job!! I applaud you! What a cute family!

  3. My first was a preemie, too. She is syllable waking up 1-2 times but is figuring out how to sleep longer. I’ve been trying to follow Baby Wise, feed her every 3 hours during the day, even waking her to eat. So far so good. Every night is about the same. I think the key is letting her squirm around a little and not going in first thing when I hear her. Most of the time she goes back to sleep.

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