Ski Day

Growing up in Utah my favorite moments have included skiing with my dad. It is a great honor to have my dad take our son skiing.

Yesterday I got to tag a long to watch them ski. My brother had joined us but was not skiing due to a hurt back. But it worked out well because he stayed with the baby inside the lodge and I could see our son ski.

It was so much fun to see how much he has learned this season. For only being 3 he is doing great. When I taught skiing at Park City Mountain Resort during college I hated teaching the 3-4 class because it was glorified baby sitting and usually the kids would sit on the hill and eat snow. So, I’m proud that my little buddy loves it so much.

While out there watching him, I desperately wanted to ski. So, I strapped on my dads boots and skies and was able to take to runs! The first thing my son wanted to do was go over the jump. I will be honest, I couldn’t keep up with my three year old! A very proud moment!

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