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Over twitter, I meet momentrprenur, Laura Berg. Her twitter Bio says: “I am a mom to two beautiful children! I am also the founder of a great company called My Smart Hands where we teach baby/toddler/children sign language classes.”

When our son was born, I read every parenting book out there on sleep, feeding and care. When he was about six months old, I noticed he was interested in sign language. Our local library had some great videos and we watched a few. I picked up a few signs and we were able to incorporate them into our daily routine. It made it a lot easier to know when he wanted “more” and his “baba”. But I would have loved something more portable where I could show the vidoes on my iPhone!

Laura has created three apps that you can download to your smartphone. Laura is donating 6 apps for for you to win! All you need to do is comment below and share your experience with signing or how you would use the app!

You can learn more about My Smart Hands on their website

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More information about My Signing Hands APP:

Watch a video of My Smart Hands App

Here are each of the apps:


Winners Will Be announced December 13!

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5 thoughts on “Giveaway: My Smart Hands

  1. My daughter really enjoyed signing when she was 10 and 11 months old. Her favorite signs were “more” and “milk” and “eat”. It helped me so much to know what she needed.

  2. My son used “more” and “please” a lot before he could say words that we understood, so it was really helpful for us to know what he wanted and he didn’t have to cry to get our attention!

  3. My daughter-in-law started using this with my granddaughter when she was just tiny. Now she is two and she is so verbal it’s almost scary. She not only uses complete sentences, you can have a pretty understandable conversation with her. It’s amazing. I don’t think my son could say even basic words until he was like three! Anyway, I would love to win this for my DIL so she can continue her work with our cute baby girl!

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