Backcountry skiing: a wife’s perspective

My husband and I love Utah, especially for it’s backcountry.

If you’ve met my husband, Jon, you will know that he’s a great husband and father.

The first thing that might surprise you about him is that he’s really  into backcountry skiing. The reason this maybe a surprise is that he’s about 6’3″ and weighs around 250 pounds. Most backcountry guys are these lightweight 5 footish guys that maybe weight 160 pounds.

He’s always been a great snowboarder and has taken up touring the last few years. He splitboards and skis. He wakes up at the crack of dawn (4:00 AM) at least once a week in the winter to get out with his buddies. If there is snow in the forecast, he’ll be the first up.

But here’s the thing, even after a few years of doing this, I still get a little panicked when I haven’t heard from him for a few hours. I use to loose a while nights sleep fretting over the possible synerios in the backcountry: avalanche, hitting a tree, falling…and have gotten to the point where I do sleep at night, but still wake up when he gets up to go.

I guess there is no “safe” sport and I’m glad he’s got a good group of friends he goes out with that are smart about how they ski.

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