Wish granted

One of my wishes was to have a baby shower, while pregnant. Seems like a normal thing, right? Have a baby shower before you have the baby. With our son we had wonderful baby showers, but it was after he had been born and was still in the NICU. It was just one of those things that I had envisioned as part of becoming a mother. I pictured me holding baby clothes up to my swollen belly with “ohh’s” and “ahh’s” and delight from the guests.

Last night that wish came true. My sister in-law Sheri threw a wonderful pink shower for baby girl.

The napkins were darling! I’ve never seen so much pink!

I could have eaten a dozen of these strawberry/white chocolate cookies. The peppermint bark and chocolate cake almost put me in a chocolate coma.
These little baby foot suckers are so darling!

It was a family shower and the little nieces were all invited.

Everyone “Oh-ing” and “Ah-ing”
My cute nephew had to get in on the girl action. He kept coming upstairs to get more to drink, I think he secretly wanted to be there ;)

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4 thoughts on “Wish granted

  1. Oh Yay! It looks like you had a blast! Glad you were able to have one with your sweet little girl still growing in your belly. You look beautiful by the way!!

    I never had a shower with Squish. Maybe with our next one!

  2. I am so happy you got to have a baby shower prior baby. I hope all is going well. Name a day and I would love to bring you lunch and hang out.

  3. Awesome! You have me beat. I have had two baby showers thrown for me and I have had my babies before them. I still remember the amazing bridal shower you threw for me! I saved those amazing invitations. BTW how did I not know you were related to THAT Dalton! Very cool :)

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