Where To Buy Preemie Clothes

Where do I buy preemie clothes?

The good news is you don’t have to buy doll clothes these days to dress your preemie.

When we had our son three years ago, we hadn’t the slightest clue where to find preemie clothes. This round, we’ve found some great places for preemie clothing and thought other parents may benefit from our list.

Please feel free to share your favorite places to purchase Premie clothes, thanks Michelle for the great feedback!

1. Sears has by far the most affordable selection. Their shipping was a little slow and came in three different orders, but I liked what I found for around $6.oo. They carry a line called “Little Wonders” and thought they were very cute.

2. Gymboree cute clothing and offering their Gymbucks that you can spend in January for $25 off your purchase. Persoanlly, I am a sucker for these kinds of discount and love the bird set. This birdset is 25% off right now!

And you have to get the matching blanket, of course!

3. It’s a Preemie Thing I learned about this online store at the ABC Kids Expo in October, cute City Mom Kerri told me about it and have been in contact with them. They post some great Facebook comments and I learned through their site about National Premature Awareness day and to wear purple last week.

4. Zatanoo this is a new clothing line to me. I found it via Amazon when searching for Owl Nursery items, but went to their site directly to see more selections and fell in love with every item on there. This line is a little pricey, but looks like good quality and they have owls. Be sure to click on the “newborn” button.

5.  Smith’s Marketplace surprised me to see the large selection of Carter’s preemie clothing. We have a Carter’s outlet here in Salt Lake City, but you can get Smith’s Reward Points and use their 15% off apparel discount from the newspaper.

6. Carter’s clothing is great, but their website isn’t the most up to date with clothing selections.

7.  Amazon.com Has been a huge life saver for me while on bed rest. If you haven’t checked out Amazon Mom, go do it right now. I save $10 on diapers a month and get FREE 2 day shipping through Amazon Prime. Save on style this winter. Save $10 when you spend $50 on select holiday apparel for baby and on all maternity clothing.

8. Wal-Mart also carries a selection of Preemie clothing, I couldn’t find anyone line from searching but assume that they have a good in-store collection.

9. Gerber’s onesies

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10 thoughts on “Where To Buy Preemie Clothes

  1. Walmart has a great selection of preemie clothes. Also, Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory. Target has a couple also but the other two are by far the best.

  2. Also, Gerber onesies run small, not small for a preemie but small when they come home.

    The preemie stuff from Babies R Us… cannot think of the brand…runs big!

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  4. I bought most of my preemie clothes at Wal Mart…pretty cute, and cheap…they only wear them for so long! They had a great in store selection in my local store.

  5. Don’t forget AvaBaby’s! We specialize in ONLY clothing for preemies and newborns. Clothing made by manufacturer’s that specialize in just preemie. Affordable and designer. Starting as tiny as 1 lb! Won’t find that at Sears, Walmart or Gymboree. http://www.avababys.com We’re having a great sale too!!

  6. I found the website http://www.mymiraclebaby.com, They have well made preemie clothing and gifts at very affordable prices. Also they have NEWCUST coupon which gives you $5.00 OFF for the first purchase.

    Great Great Preemie Clothes! You will love it! I just order 3 days ago and I got the items today! Awesome Service! Great Clothing!

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