Twitter Therapy #preemie #bedrest and #pregnancy

Over the last 5 weeks I’ve made some new friends. These are friends that I probably wouldn’t have connected with if it weren’t for twitter.

Denise Brown aka @dmocha1223. She also writes a blog about her experience having a baby 10 weeks early Sunshine Pod 22

Ava Baby’s is a darling online store that saw my preemie clothes post and responded with her website Ava Baby\’s This darling Grandmother started the store as her way to give back.

TodaysPreemie provides information about preemies and micro preemies http://www.todayspreemie.com/blog also runs a store at http://www.ecobabychicorganics.com/servlet/StoreFront

Other great support has come from @TheMandalyn, TheBabyGuyNYC, , amommyinthecity among others.

When I wanted some reading material for preemies I tweeted what people would recommend and was put in contact with:

Keep ‘Em Kooking great information on their website http://www.KeepEmCookin.com/

and DrJenGunter author of the Preemie Primer.

There are dozens of others that have send out positive vibes and provided emotional support over these last 5 weeks. Thank you everyone for helping us get to 33 weeks!

Thank you for blessing my life with your kind words of encouragement.

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One thought on “Twitter Therapy #preemie #bedrest and #pregnancy

  1. Isn’t it amazing how cool social media can be? I never would have thought I would be getting some of the most helpful support with Rob’s deployments for people I have yet to meet in real life. And then to have been able to meet some of these people at conferences and such has really just been amazing!
    I am so happy you have made it to a great marker of 33 weeks! Keep Cooking Baby Girl!!

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