Pampers: Gifts that Grow

I find it terribly ironic that as I try to potty train my son I finally “get” the Pampers Gifts that Grow program.

Honestly, I signed up for an account when my son was first born, but it was just another “thing” to keep track of and it wasn’t until just this past week that I started submitting my points.

Basically, in each pack of Pampers products you purchase there is a little code and you enter the code online. Then you get points. With those points you can get cool stuff.

Maybe it’s because I have more time or maybe it’s because we’re pinching our pennies all the more lately, but I thought it was pretty cool! I just went through the downstairs closet where we keep diapers and found 6 codes. I can get discounts or things like photo books or even donate points to March of Dimes. For 30 points I entered a contest for a spa get away.

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