Moon Dough Review

I’m not a fan of Play Doug because it cracks and gets messy everywhere. I was super excited when I saw Moon Dough advertise a “revolutionry new dough…soft and super smooth dough that never dries out”. The commercial looked really fun and I was excited to see that it was a product of Sweden.

While looking for a birthday present for my niece last Friday I saw the Moon Dough promoted for a Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal and I though, “Let’s give it a try”. My niece was thrill by her gift. She told me they have it at her Kindergarden but she did not own any herself. We hadn’t tested it out until today.

First off, the dough is smooth and soft but crumbles everywhere.

Second it has an off smell.

Third made a huge mess. Being 6 months pregnant, I am not thrilled about bending over to clean up little clumps of dough from the floor and carpet.

However, my son LOVED playing with it. He spent a good 30 minutes playing with it and wanted to pay with it again after his nap.

I give this product one star out of five because it entertained my son, but I would not recommend this product or purchase it again.

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One thought on “Moon Dough Review

  1. Great review. I completely agree. The sand gets spread everywhere. My kids wipe their hand on their pants and it is way more messy to clean up than play dough. They love to play with it, but it takes me just as long to clean it up. Not worth it.

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