Fisher Price Recall

Read the article on the recall here :
Fisher Price Recall

News like this is always interesting to me because 1) I have kids and 2) it always has a ripple effect in the baby and toddler market.

Next week I head to the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas to exhibit our Little Stinker line.

Sadly, news like this usually has a negative impact for smaller toy companies. Take for example the lead issues last year, it put tons of mom and pop stores out of business because of the new testing laws. I’m all for testing, but I’m more for regulating big corporations.

Read the letter from Fisher Price here:
Fisher Price Letter to Parents

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3 thoughts on “Fisher Price Recall

  1. That’s awesome that you’re going to what sounds like a pretty big show in Vegas! Congrats!!

  2. Hej :)
    a new friend left a comment on my blog about you.I am a texan married to a dane and we live in Fynshav and we loveeeeeee odense

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