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We’ve had a rough 12 hours. My son has croup and had to get a shot while at the doctors office. We came home an hour after nap time and were able to watch UP.UP Completely giving up on our scheduled nap time. It was worth the break.

I forgot how sweet the beginning of the movie is. I will proudly admit that I bawled during the entire first 30 minutes. Blame it on lack of sleep, pregnancy or just being the sensitive gal that I am.

The movie reminded me of my own parents and the sacrifices they made and the adventures they’ve had. They celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this week. Way to go mom and dad.

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2 thoughts on “UP The Movie

  1. I am sorry your little man is sick. I know that is almost as hard on the parents as it is on the kiddo.

    And seriously… I cry even thinking about that movie.

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