Laughing Cow Cheese

I love cheese. I think in order to be a true Dane, you have to love cheese. There are so many amazing varieties. (And you must really love cheese if you’re writing a blog post about it, right?)

When I found out I was expecting I was sad to say good bye to soft cheeses. However, I found out today that PASTEURIZED soft cheeses are ok. So, to celebrate I had some Laughing Cow Cheese. Wahoo.

What I love about The Laughing Cow is that it tastes great on any kind of cracker. They are having a photo contest over on their blog, so stop by and check it out The Laughing Cow Blog and you can win free cheese.

More cheese, please?

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2 thoughts on “Laughing Cow Cheese

  1. Ummm once again you prove to be a woman of my own heart! We looooooove Laughing Cow cheese! I was stoked to find it at Costco. We always get the light variety! :)

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