Lessons Learned from Amilya Antonettie

I met Amilya and Anthony last night and was blown away by their enthusiasm, genuine attitude and desire to help other entrepreneurs succeed. One thing that made it unique is that I had connected with Amilya on Twitter days prior to her arrival. We already had a “TWITTER SISTER” relationship as she called it (see below).

Watch this video as an introduction:

Amilya Antonetti – Speaking and Media Appearances from Amilya Antonetti on Vimeo.

What I learned from Amilya, it that being a woman and mother we have an instinct and need to go with that gut reaction. Amilya and I have similar paths, we both have sons that were born prematurely, we both wanted a better solution for the product we found. She is a kindred spirit.

Amilya is a great speaker and shares her energy and passion on stage. It was an honor to have dinner with her and stay LATE to chat about iPhone apps and funny kid stories. I left feeling inspired.

Her book, The Recipe, was just released earlier this month. It is all about building team. I highly recommend that you read it and learn to build your best team.

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