Big Fish

My husband is amazing. He is good at everything he does. He’s a great father and husband. We’re celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary this weekend and I wanted to give a tribute to him.

He’s a great fisherman, snowboarder, split boarder, cross-country skier, and rugby player.

He plays the banjo, guitar and sings like heaven.

Since kindergarten I’ve had a crush on him.

My first memory of Jon was in second grade. He read a paper to our class about how many times he had cracked his head open. I thought he was the weirdest kid, cracking his head open and all.

I love how competitive he is. How much he loves the outdoors and has the most amazing endurance. He is a hard worker and puts up with me.

We didn’t date very long, but have known each other almost our whole life.

I feel blessed to be married to such a great man.

I’m really the one who caught the big fish.

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7 thoughts on “Big Fish

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  2. What a beautiful story about you and your husband. Congrats on your anniversary. A good marriage full of love, is there anything better?

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