What’s for dinner

Today I made slow cooker Tortilla soup. It’s the easiest thing in the world because you just dump the cans into the slow cooker. My kind of cooking. But the great thing it that it looks fancy:

– 40 oz. Chicken broth
– 4 Chicken Breasts
– 1 can Black Beans
– 1 can White Beans
– 1 can Red Beans
– 1 can Carrots
– 1 jar Pace Picante Medium Salsa
– 1 small can diced Jalapenos
– (Variations: White Hominy Corn or Sweet Corn, I do not prefer these as they make me gag when eating them. You don’t really need all the different kinds of beans, but I like the colors.)

Ingredients for Topping:
– Sour cream
– Tortilla chips
– Avocado
– Tomato

– Drain the cans
– Dump all ingredients into crock pot
– Turn crock pot on
– Return after 4-6 hours
– Shred chicken
– Serve & top with fixins

Easy, huh? Wait till you taste it.

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