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When I was launching my business,LITTLE STINKER, I tried to learn as much from others. I sent out emails, I made phone calls, i read books and tried to arm myself with knowlege.

One person that I found is Heather of The Mogul Mom. I reached out to her and she took the time to answer my questions. Since then, I follower her newsletter and was excited by this great tool for other moms.

I thought you might like it too, so I’ve cut and pasted the email here:

The Mogul Mom
Good morning mogul moms!

Well, my brand new website is almost finished…I’ll be spending the next week filling it up with content and learning my way around the new member site and forum. In between diaper changes, school lunches and housecleaning, of course.

Which got me thinking.

It’s really hard to build and grow a business when you’re also jugging all of your (super) mom duties, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you but every time I sit down to dive into some business task, one of my kids decides they need help with something or the dog needs to go out or the house blows up. Ok, not literally…but you know what I mean.

Building and growing a business between diaper changes and play dates is a serious tightrope balancing act. And sometimes there’s no net underneath. Sometimes, there’s an alligator pit under you instead. Ok, not literally…but you know what I mean.

So, I’ve put together The Mogul Mom’s Business Box Set: Everything You Need To Build Your Business Between Diaper Changes & Play Dates.


* The Fab 55: All the killer content you need to build and grow your business, with information & inspiration on social media, manufacturing, getting publicity, free ways to manage your business, productivity tips, balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship and so much more. 180 pages of clickable content!

* The Little Black Book: Essential business resources, referrals and recommendations from yours truly. All the people, products and services that I use so YOU don’t have to hunt around for them. Saves serious time, money and frustration.

* The PR Toolkit: Everything you need to get fabulous publicity and build serious BUZZ for your company, including:

-How To Build Your Own Media Campaign In 10 Steps
-150+ media contacts from top magazines, newspapers and websites
-50 2010 editorial calendars from top publications
-Fast Pitch 5 – 5 real-life pitches for you to switch & pitch

* 10 Steps To Success For Small Business Owners: The crucial steps every business owner should take, no matter what your business.

* More Time NOW: A Pretty Simple Way To Invest 1 Hour A Week To Free Up 1000 A Year, a kick-butt time management manifesto from the time management master, Dave Navarro. <--- Dave generously allowed me to include More Time NOW in The Mogul Mom's Business Box Set because he knows mom entrepreneurs are some of the busiest business people on the planet and he wants to HELP YOU find More Time NOW! Bonuses: Purchase The Mogul Mom's Business Box Set by May 2, 2010 and you'll: * Be entered to win a 1 Year membership in Members Only ($337 value) * Be entered to win a copy of The One Page Business Plan For Women ($30 value) * Receive a special membership offer for Members Only - available only in The Mogul Mom's Business Box Set. Buy The Mogul Mom's Business Box Set now for just $37. So, over the next week while I'm filling up my new website and navigating my way around, YOU can make a serious dent in growing your business, building buzz, and finding more time. Get The Mogul Mom's Business Box Set now and start kicking business butt by tomorrow. This time, literally. Have a great day, y'all. Heather p.s. The Mogul Mom's Business Box Set is on sale until Sunday May 2, 2010. After that, the price will go up to $67 and the bonuses disappear. So don't miss out, ok? I'm purchasing this today and can't wait to get started!

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