Move Over Rice Crispy Treats, Hello Cheerios Craisin Crispy Treats

Cheerio-Craisin Crispy Treats


1 Small box Cheerios
1 Large bag mini marshmallows
4 TBS Butter
2 Cups craisins

After sampling 1/2 a cup of mini marshmallows (to test that they are not stale, even though you just opened the bag). Poor bag of mini marshmallows in large pot, add 4 TBS butter. Melt on medium heat and stir.

Slowly add Cheerios. Continue mixing.

Slowly add Craisins.

Poor contents into a sprayed glass pan. TIP: I like to put tinfoil in the pan and spray the pan. It makes for easy clean up and storage.

WARNING: This makes for an easily justifiable breakfast. DO NOT, repeat DO NOT eat the entire pan. I like to keep a “sample spoon” ready to “test” the consistence of the treats to be sure they are cooling correctly.

Great ideas! Add Chocolate. Thanks Cheerios for commenting :)

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4 thoughts on “Move Over Rice Crispy Treats, Hello Cheerios Craisin Crispy Treats

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  3. Oh, those look yummy! I think I even have most of the ingredients to make some. Well, I have the Cheerios.

    BTW, I’m LadyofPC on Twitter. Where I bug you all the time. ;o)

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