Lessons learned from Paul Zane Pilzer

Westminster College is hosting a Lectures in Entrepreneurship series that is open to the public.

Entrepreneur Defined: I went to hear Paul Zane Pilzer last week and left energized. He defined an “entrepreneur” as a “modern day revolutionary”. I like that definition. He goes on to explain that “all revolutions began with an epiphany. Ahah! I’m going to…”

Paul has written dozens of top selling books and just came out with a 6 disk CD set on “What is an Entrepreneur” for $99 (a very reasonable price for his expertise) The Entrepreneur Challenge.

Social Entrepreneurship: is “Doing well by doing good”.

Pilzer’s 16 Careers and what I learned:
1. College Student: focus on your weakness vs. your strength in college because you will “never get another chance to fix it”.
2. Family Bedspread business: Familial vs. Monetary success. It was the happiest time of his father’s life.
Being a business owner is often times isolating. I enjoy surrounding myself with family and friends and learning as much as I can about business. I loved hearing what Pilzer had to say about his journey and how he’s hat 16, count ’em folks, 16 careers in his lifetime.
3. Wharton MBA: “Knew I didn’t know it all but other people thought I knew”.
4. CitiBank: His dad told him to “make it easy on your boss”. He watched what his boss did and how to make his life easier.
5. Hampton’s Summer Houses: Bought shares and sell shares – every time you are unsatisfied customer there is an opportunity.
6. NYU: Taught for 21 years. Start teaching and teach all your life.
7. Zane May Industries: Made tenants into leasing agents.
8. Public Service: “I DON”T KNOW” attitude. Regan always had a contingency plan.
9. (Missed this one, sorry!)
10. Zane Publishing: Interactive teaching tool
11. Hollywood Screen write: FAILED miserably, but met wife there.
12. Extend Health: moved to Utah full time. FASB 106 “retire on books” contacted them and saved company money.
13. American Academy: Helping drop outs earn their degree. “Once it works, leave it alone”.
14. Zane Benefits: Health Reimbursements software.
15. China: Spoke at Peking University and the audience’s big “Ahah!” was when he said, “When you have a problem, don’t complain to your government, fix it.”
16. What’s next? Scaling Zane Benefits

Paul Zane Pilzer

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