The Law of TITHING

Last April I participated in Ladies Who Launch where I incubated my baby skincare line LITTLE STINKER. Ladies Who Launch is a fantastic national organization of women who collaborate, ignite and master mind ideas.

Our meetings were filled with energy, enthusiasm and serious sisterhood bonding moments.

In one of our meeting we got to talking about THE LAW OF TITHING. “Those Mormons got it right,” Cheryl our mentor began. “The Law of Tithing is just like any other law of the universe. It’s just like the Law of Gravity,” she went on to share, “is a Law of the Universe.”

My ears perked right up. I was the only Mormon in the group and very familiar with the law of tithing which states you give 10% of what you earn back to the Church.

Law of Tithing  – Tithing is a commandment from the Lord to give one-tenth of all our increase, which we understand to mean income.  Even Abraham paid tithing, “And it was this same Melchizedek to whom Abraham paid tithes; yea, even our father Abraham paid tithes of one-tenth part of all he possessed.” (Alma 13:15)

Blessings from Paying Tithing – When we obey the Law of Tithing we are blessed. Malachi 3:10 says, “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” When we don’t pay tithing we are stealing from God. “Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings.” (Malachi 3:8)

Then a new twist was put on the Law of Tithing. Cheryl went on to discuss the law of tithing applies to business. Cheryl shared that from the beginning of her business  she and her business partner applied this concept of tithing to their business and giving 10% back. In turn their personal and professional lives were blessed.

That moment for me was a pivotal one. A year ago I made a CONSCIENCE decision to give back not just personally but professionally.

I love the parable of The TALENTS because I don’t have a lot of talent. Really. (This isn’t the part where I am digging for compliments either). My husband is an excellent musician and athlete. He also has more patience than I do. My 2 year old is already more athletic and funny than me. But I am passionate and talented at marketing and strategic leadership. I’m proud of that. So for me to apply the law of tithing to business was a pretty simple step to take.

For the next year I focused on applying the Law of Tithing to my business. It was a natural and came easy.

Right about that time, I read the One Minute Entrepreneur by Ken Blanchard and he too mentioned the need to serve and give back professionally. He says to give 10% to charity. I thought, he’s on to something.

Since then, I have been touched by the opportunities I have had to serve and give back to the community. I have been blessed personally and professionally by appling this principle to my life and attribute it to the Law of Tithing applied to business. I am blessed to serve others with my marketing experience. Now with Little Stinker we are working to provide diapers to families that cannot afford them. I have a testimony of The Law of Tithing. I’d love to hear how you apply it to your own life and business.

Give it a try. You just might be surprised how the Law of Tithing can be applied to your business.

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  1. Posted by Nikki Mantyla

    Thanks for this insight! I’d never thought about applying the law of tithing outside of a religious setting, but I love the idea of making it so universal. Can you imagine if everyone gave 10% to charity? What a great idea! It could be 10% of your time toward volunteering or 10% of the food you cook going to others. There are so many possibilites.

  2. Posted by Ryley

    What an awesome experiance. It must have been intersting to hear about Tithing in the setting.
    I have issues with tithing.. I’ve talk about them before, and dont really feel like getting into it because I am trying hard to overcome them.
    But I always give till it hurts and then give a little more. I can say I give WAY more to the community in general than I do in actual church tithing, but I am at peace with the desicion.

    Giving back is SO important as a business. SO important.

    Good for you for starting out on the right foot! :)

  3. Posted by Kathy

    Thanks friends, I’m glad you like that thought.

    It’s really about giving back. We live in ABUNDANCE. One thing that was really neat happened a few weeks ago when I was making hygene kits for Haiti. I was short 20 combs and hand towls and I had tweeted about it. A local pizza parlor, Z Pizza, went out and bought all the items we needed. It cost about $40. When I shared this with my friends that were putting the kits together, one of the girls (10 years old) said, “You mean they did service so we could?” That statement has stuck with me because that’s really what it’s all about. Paying it forward and helping each other out.

  4. Posted by Fear of philanthropy (avert your eyes)From SETH GODIN  /  Danish Mama

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