Lessons learned from USPS

As a business owner I am constantly searching for solutions that support our customers. It is all about making the experience a positive on. I dint know about you, but I remember how a conversation or experience made me feel long after the actual transaction or conversation.

Take this experience at the post office for example. We had just launched LITTLE STINKER and had gone to a local mail service to send a package. They charged us almost $3 per box and an additional $4 to ship it to another zip code. We couldn’t believe the cost. There was no way we were going to charge our customers that.

The next time we went to ship we had a wholesale order and were able to ship the entire package at a FLAT RATE with USPS. It was a great solution for us and we don’t have to charge the customer an arm and leg to get their order.

What really love about the USPS solution is that it sets expectations. I love that I go in to USPS knowing what the flat rate is. I doubly love that I can tell my friend how much it will really cost them to ship our Little Stinker Baby Butt Spay to Colorado, Florida or Hawaii.

What are ways that you set expectations in life, marriage, business? Do you have a story you’d like to share?

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