DIY Fizzy Bath Bombs


Here are the Fizzy Bath Bombs we made today. We ended up using a kit from Michael’s to try it out first.

These bath bombs are easy to make and a fun thing to do with your kids. We are going to try making these with essential oils. Do you have a favorite essential oil? I’m loving lavender for bed time and have started rubbing it 3-5 drops on my feet at night and I’ve been sleeping so well.

A while back we purchased some bath bombs from TJ MAXX and our kids broke out in a painful rash and had to get out of the water and rinse them off immediately. So, we are very aware of what products go into making these bath bombs.

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils and how to make your home a healthy homes free of toxic chemicals, I’d love to share what I’m learning with you. If you’re ready order now, you can go to my shop here.



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