Dipe N’ Go

Last year I went to the ABC Kids show to do some research on the expo and to learn as much as I could for my Little Stinker line. The show is AMAZING but I was totally overwhelmed.

Until I met Rose at Dipe N’ Go. She talked to me and shared her experience and since then we have become friends. Our baby products are a natural fit and it’s been great to have a friend in the same industry that provides support and encouragement.

Rose is from New Jersey and I love her product Dipe N’ Go. It’s perfect for traveling and converts your trunk into a diaper changing station. Pretty brilliant, huh?

Dipe N’ Go just got picked up baby Babies R Us. If you are looking for a baby shower gift, check out Dipe N Go! This makes an excellent baby shower gift.

Dipe N\' Go at Babies R US

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